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Angel Coach Takes New Role

October 07, 1998|JOHN WEYLER

Longtime Angel pitching coach Marcel Lachemann has decided to take a job as minor league field coordinator with the organization.

His new position will put him in charge of instruction of all minor leaguers, with the Angels' roving defense, hitting and pitching instructors reporting directly to him.

"I've enjoyed the opportunity to work at the major league level for the past 16 years, but for a long time, I've had a real desire to get back to the grass roots of the game," Lachemann said. "Being involved in the development of young players is something I'm very excited about."

Lachemann, 57, has been with the Angels for 16 seasons, 11 as pitching coach. He managed the team from May 17, 1994, to Aug. 6, 1996.

"For a long time, I've had a real desire to get back to the grass-roots of the game," he said, "and this is the easiest way. I talked to Billy [Bavasi, Angel general manager] and the job got better because it isn't just pitching. It's intriguing and exciting.

"It's going to be quite a bit different. There's a lot of travel and more preparation involved when you're in charge of 120 to 140 players. It will be a challenge, but it will be invigorating too.

"We've never gotten to a World Series, and I really hope it happens next year, but I think the key is the minor leagues. You can talk about free agents, but I think it's the farm system that makes it work."

Manager Terry Collins said he hated to lose Lachemann as a pitching coach.

"I'm real disappointed," Collins said. "Lach did a tremendous job here. He was a big part of this team at this level for a lot of years, and I hope he remains a big part of this organization."

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