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Scary Bars

October 08, 1998|HEIDI SIEGMUND CUDA

Places where Halloween is for sissies . . .

The Backstage Cafe. A rock 'n' roll-themed bar in Beverly Hills? Hmmm, seems cash can buy anything but taste. 9433 Brighton Way, Beverly Hills, (310) 777-0252. 21 and over, no cover.

Blacklight. A notorious hangout for cross-dressers living on the edge. Not for the weak of heart but fabulous for people who need people. 1159 Western Ave., (323) 469-0211. 21 and over, no cover.

Boardner's. Maybe it was the night when we witnessed an army of cockroaches scurry across the bar--some so big I thought they were gonna knock me off my bar stool--that landed this ol' juke joint on the scary list. Or maybe it's the irregulars, who still seem to enjoy living on the edge although they've long since teetered off of it. 1652 Cherokee Ave., Hollywood, (323) 462-9621. 21 and over, no cover.

Frolic 2. If this seedy ol' daytime drinkers' delight had a theme song, it'd be Guns N' Roses' "Welcome to the Jungle," which is played on the Frolic jukebox with the frequency of the beer slinging. 1645 Wilcox Ave., Hollywood, (323) 464-3676. 21 and over, no cover.

Mauro's Cafe. Having a bad hair day? Shuck your designer wear for rumple-clothes? Don't show your face round these parts. Mauro's, the lunchtime cafe at Fred Segal's West Hollywood shop, is filled with scary, hairy, eyeballing diners doing the head-to-toe routine at all unsuspecting shoppers. 8112 Melrose Ave., West Hollywood, (323) 653-7970. All ages, no cover.

The Plaza. A Latin drag club with a hard-core following, the Plaza's famous for its two nightly shows and loud barroom brawls. Enter at your own risk. 739 N. La Brea Ave., Hollywood, (213) 939-0703. 21 and over, $5 cover. (Shows at 10:15 p.m. and midnight).

Sky Bar. You'd better hope your Visa isn't maxed out, because star-sighting doesn't come cheap--not at this dreamy Mondrian bar, anyway. 8440 W. Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, (213) 848-6025. 21 and over, no cover (must be a hotel guest or call in advance to be on guest list).

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