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CLUBS in and around Orange County

A Site to See

La Mirage proves itself a solid venue for fans of rock en espanol and cumbia.


So you're really into rock en espanol and cumbia, but hitting the downtown Los Angeles venues that blast that music on weekends is too much of a hassle.

Give yourself a break and motor into La Mirage in Artesia. It's only a couple of miles from the Orange County line and freeway-close, just off the 91.

You don't necessarily have to be a rock en espanol fan to enjoy La Mirage. In one of the two rooms, the booming sounds of house and disco fill the air with DJ Karlos mixing behind the turntables.

Don't even think about talking to friends while dancing--the bass is cranked. Move to the beats on one of the two platforms. One sits next to a giant mirror, allowing you to check if you're off a step or two. There's plenty of room to shake that body, and some booths line the sides of the room. Nevertheless, this room isn't as popular as the other half of the nightspot.

Next door, DJs Eduardo and Elias from radio station Superestrella 97.5 FM spin the best in rock en espanol and cumbia. They mix in front of a packed, octagon-shaped dance floor with beams of multicolored lights zipping just above the club-goers. A bunch of tables and chairs surround the octagon with a couple of platforms inside. Another platform sits next to a wall covered by curtains. Be careful not to tangle yourself and become part of the floor.

A pair of full bars are planted at opposite ends of the room. Domestic beers go for $3.50, imports $3.75. Cocktails range from $4.25 to $5.25.

After the normal drill of checked ID and paid cover, if you're hungry, scoot across the white marble lobby to the taco bar. Choose from carne asada or grilled chicken, or munch on tortilla chips and count your pennies. The Mexican food is included in the cover charge.

La Mirage is the right place to spend a weekend night, says Denise Nunez, 28, of Long Beach. It's "a really happening club, and it's perfect to forget about work and relieve stress. The music, service and everything else are great."

For added value, head outdoors around 11 p.m. on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday and you'll find El Mariachi Mundial de Mexico packs the patio.

Speaking of added value, how about five musketeers? Los 5 Mosketeros comprises brothers Miguel Angel, Juan and Jesse Fierro and Enrique Gutierrez.

And the fifth? "The fifth mosketero is always the customer and is always the most important person," Miguel Angel Fierro says.

Recently, Los 5 Mosketeros presented the second anniversary of rock en espanol at La Mirage. The semiformal fiesta featured a laser show, free buffet, champagne and other giveaways such as CDs, tapes and T-shirts and was broadcast live by Superestrella.

The cover charge is $10 on Thursdays and $12 on weekends, and there's lots of room to park your ride. To avoid waiting in a DMV-like line, show up dressed to impress--and early, which is easier to do when L.A. seems light-years away.


La Mirage, 17104 Pioneer Blvd., Artesia. (562) 467-8300 or (310) 535-3737. Doors open at 9 p.m. and close at 2 a.m. 21 and over Friday-Sunday, $12 cover charge. 18 and over on Thursdays, $10 cover charge.

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