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Iris Stew

October 08, 1998

Think your teenager is giving you weird looks? Maybe it's more than typical adolescent angst. Check the eyes, closely.

The latest fad is contact lenses with strange designs.

Dr. Nathan Kvetny of the Fullerton Vision Center has been busy outfitting young clients with lenses that put stars, eight balls and circles in the windows to their teen souls.

Bob Clark, a senior at Troy High in Fullerton, tried on a pair with red-and-yellow sunbursts. A wrestler, he was hoping to psych out opponents with his unearthly gaze. Jennifer Williams, also a senior at Troy, thought whited-out eyeballs could turn a few heads.

WildEyes lenses come in eight designs: Red Hot, White Out, Cat Eye, Hypnotica (swirl), Wildfire (sunburst), Pool Shark (eight ball), Starry Eyed (moon and a star) and Zoomin' ('60s blue flower).

The lenses have to be prescribed by an eye-care professional. For those with 20/20 vision, the lenses can come without vision correction. They cost $100 to $150. For the wearer, the lenses look clear, and nothing blocks the view. They don't hurt your eyes, say optometrists, as long as you don't share them with others. That could spread bacteria and other microorganisms.

For more information, call the Fullerton Vision Center at (714) 738-6902 or visit the Web site at www/

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