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Jack Scott (D) vs. Ken LaCorte (R)

October 09, 1998

First-term Democratic incumbent Jack Scott has a tough fight in trying to hang on to this former Republican stronghold. The GOP, having all but conceded the neighboring 43rd District when its candidate there got into trouble, has shifted its resources to Scott challenger Ken LaCorte, a medical supplies company manager.

Democrats recently lost a court bid to have Green Party nominee Shawn Waddell, a registered Democrat, knocked off the ballot.

Scott and LaCorte both have lost close family members to shootings. La Corte, a National Rife Assn. member, generally opposes stricter gun controls except for automatic weapons. He has urged a crackdown on felons with handguns. Scott is one of the Legislature's strongest advocates of tighter regulations on assault weapons and cheap handguns; NRA ads have criticized him.

Scott, a former Pasadena City College president, is getting help from organized labor. The Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, is planning a phone bank to encourage its 13,000 members to go to the polls in this district.

Democrats outnumber Republicans 45% to 39%. Other candidates are Libertarian Ken Saurenman and Philip Corvalan of the Reform Party.

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