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Cleveland Vs. New York Report / Notes

October 09, 1998|Associated Press

The Yankees and Boston Red Sox were each fined $25,000 by the American League for violating postseason media regulations established by the commissioner's office.

In addition, AL President Gene Budig said he was reviewing Steinbrenner's critical comments about the umpires Wednesday.

Budig wouldn't comment on Steinbrenner's remarks but said he is investigating.

"We're looking at it. It is being reviewed," Budig said.

The amounts of the fines were not announced, but a ranking baseball official, speaking on the condition he not be identified, confirmed the numbers to The Associated Press.

Reporters were not allowed onto the grass areas of the field before Game 1 of the AL championship series at Yankee Stadium and were not allowed into a roped-off area on the grass behind the batting cage before Game 2.

Baseball's postseason rules allow access by media to all areas in foul territory between first and third bases, except for the dirt surrounding the batting cage and the area containing painted logos.

The Yankees might be hit with another fine. On Thursday, they failed to hold the required mandatory workout on the day before Game 3. After Wednesday's loss, the Yankees canceled their workout, but decided Thursday to hold a voluntary practice at Jacobs Field in Cleveland.

The Baseball Writers Assn. of America also protested Boston's failure to hold a workout before Game 3 of the division series, which led to the fine against the Red Sox.

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