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Pint-Sized Punch Lines

October 11, 1998

* First cow: "Moo." Second cow: "Baa-a-a." First cow: "What do you mean?" First cow: "I'm learning a second language." (Heather Sherman, 8, Goleta, Kellogg School)

* What do ghosts take a bath with? Shamboo. (Clint Nacar, 8, Norwalk, Chavez Elementary)

* What kind of boats do vampires like? Blood vessels. (Ashley Kell, 9, Norwalk, Chavez Elementary)

* When is the best time to buy parakeets? When they are going "cheep." (Robert Tripple, 9, Norwalk, Chavez Elementary)

* What did the tie say to the hat? You go on ahead and I'll hang around. (Albert de Jong, 12, Pacific Palisades, Calvary Christian School)

* Why are diamonds good for you? Because they contain karats. (Peggy Kennedy, 5, Trabuco Canyon, Morse Pre-School)

* How did you do on your first day of school, son? Not so good, I have to go back again tomorrow. (Jobob Taeleifi, 7, Chino Hills)


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