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Parenting Advice From the Newsstand

October 12, 1998|LESLIE KNOWLTON

In today's rapidly changing and busy world, it's hard to keep up with the latest news and tips for raising your children. But the good news is that there's a plethora of parenthood magazines out there to help guide you, some of which are free.


Here are 10 of the best:


* Issues a year: 12

* Established: 1926

* Circulation: 1.8 million

* Cover price: $2.95

* Subscriptions: (800) 727-3682

The nation's oldest and largest parenting magazine, this much-imitated pioneer was founded more than 70 years ago by businessman George Hecht, who ran it until 1979, when he sold to Gruner & Jahr USA. Today, almost 2 million people rely on the thick book's practical and lively editorial, which does a fabulous job of covering all age groups while focusing most on children 6 and younger.

* Recent features: "Germs!" (sane ways to protect your baby from those omnipresent bugs); "The Midyear Leap" (the amazing transformation that occurs during a baby's second year).


* Issues a year: 10

* Established: 1986

* Circulation: 932,958

* Cover price: $2.95

* Subscriptions: (800) 777-0222

Billed as "the essential guide for parents," Child was launched by an Italian publisher and then owned by NYT Magazine Group until purchased in 1994 by Gruner & Jahr USA, who also publish Parents. Designed to be forward-thinking, the magazine offers subscribers free age-specific custom-bound sections called "Your Child Now," and starting in October, it will include a monthly sweepstakes contest.

* Recent features: "Breast-feeding Revisited" (recent research recommends nursing well into second year: health boon or just another guilt trip for overwhelmed women?); "New Ways to Manage Kids' Pain" (for everything from scrapes to surgery, the mantra is "hurt no more").


* Issues a year: 6

* Established: 1976

* Circulation: 80,000

* Cover price: $5.95

* Subscriptions: (800) 984-8116

Billed as "the natural family living magazine," this brave, smart and cutting-edge New Mexico-based magazine is more than worth its high cover price. The well-researched and hard-hitting publication has, over the years, tackled controversial issues before they were fashionable to address, such as spanking, circumcision and overuse of antibiotics. In the most recent issue, it tackles HIV, AIDS and AZT in a comprehensive 18-page spread complete with references.

* Recent features: "Toxic Toy Story" (the truth about that teething ring and other toys in your child's mouth); "AZT Roulette" (have risks of taking AZT while pregnant been thought through?)


* Issues a year: 10

* Established: 1987

* Circulation: 1.3 million

* Cover price: $2.95

* Subscriptions: (303) 682-8878

Created 11 years ago by Robin Wolaner, a San Francisco-based entrepreneur and publishing executive, and Time Inc., this award-winning publication last year moved its editorial offices from California to New York City. Targeted to parents of children up to 12, it is part of the Parenting Group, which also produces Parenting's BabyTalk and Parenting's Healthy Pregnancy.

* Recent features: "Sweet Comfort" (best things to soothe a restless baby); "Top Ten Questions About Toddlers" (why they eat so little, dress so oddly, love repetition, won't share and more).

Parenting's BabyTalk

* Issues a year: 10

* Established: 1935

* Circulation: 1.5 million

* Cover price: $1.95

* Subscriptions: (212) 522-8989

Billed as "America's first baby magazine," BabyTalk was originally launched by Blessings Corp. and was distributed through an extensive diaper service network and retail outlets. In 1986, it was sold to, and revamped by, Alan Patricof Associates and CW Ventures, and in 1992, it was acquired and again revamped by the Parenting Group. It targets mothers-to-be and mothers with children under age 2.

* Recent features: "Why Pregnant Women Are Sexy" (voluptuous curves and surging hormones make some pregnant women feel more alluring than ever); "The Right Touch" (head-to-toe guide to baby massage).

Sesame Street Parents

* Issues a year: 10

* Established: 1986

* Circulation: 1.1 million

* Cover price: not available on newsstands; $19.95 for annual subscription

* Subscriptions: (800) 678-0613

Published by the nonprofit Children's Television Workshop in New York City, this magazine for parents of preschoolers comes free with a subscription to Sesame Street magazine. With a focus on children up to age 5, it has all the fun we've come to expect from Sesame Street in addition to practical parenting tips.

* Recent features: "Fun Factories" (go on fun family-friendly factory tours and see how crayons and other kid favorites are made); "Two Words Smart Parents Never Forget" (love means often having to say "I'm sorry").

Working Mother

* Issues a year: 11

* Established: 1979

* Circulation: 925,000

* Cover price: $2.95

* Subscriptions: (800) 234-9675

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