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AAA Lists Top 10 Reasons for Roadside Breakdowns

October 13, 1998

As part of National Car Care Month, the AAA Automobile Club of Southern California released Monday its "Top 10" list of reasons for roadside breakdowns, based on data collected from AAA's Emergency Road Service operations.

The top 10 reasons are:

* Not rotating, aligning or inflating tires.

* Ignoring brake noises or warnings.

* Ignoring fluid leaks.

* Ignoring dashboard warning signs or gauges.

* Worn battery or bad battery connection.

* Worn or cracked belts or hoses, loose hose or belt connection.

* Not checking or changing fluids.

* Worn universal/constant velocity joints on drive shaft.

* Ignoring noise or vibrations from water pump.

* Not changing the fuel filter.

During the months of July and August, the club's emergency road service department dispatched more than 1 million calls from motorists, of which more than three-quarters involved towing, said Jeffrey Spring, a club spokesman.

"With proper maintenance, many of those problems could have been avoided," Spring said. "We use National Car Care Month to remind motorists to check regular maintenance schedules. And if they don't, they could be a part of the top 10 list that we produce."

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