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Complainant Asks That Bakewell Not Be Charged

October 14, 1998

A Pasadena city employee who filed a police complaint against activist Danny Bakewell, alleging that he slammed him against a wall during a City Hall meeting, has asked that Bakewell not be prosecuted.

Fred Jones, 48, the city's senior project manager for housing and development, and Bakewell filed statements of non-prosecution with the Police Department, city spokeswoman Ann Erdman said.

Last month, Jones filed a police report alleging that Bakewell, 52, assaulted him on Sept. 22, during a meeting over the progress of Bakewell's Fair Oaks Renaissance Plaza shopping center. The scuffle was witnessed by the assistant city manager.

Jones alleged that Bakewell grabbed his tie and slammed him against the wall. The city manager who witnessed the incident said Jones then grabbed Bakewell and pulled him over a desk.

Erdman said the statements of non-prosecution do not mean the department will not pursue charges against Bakewell, and a case could still be sent to the district attorney's office.

"It is not an automatic slam dunk that the case will stop," she said.

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