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Time Capsule Burial Marks 100th Birthday for School District

October 16, 1998|DEBRA CANO

Pompoms, yearbooks, class photographs, school uniforms and audiotapes of bands and choirs were among the memorabilia that students chose to represent activities and achievements of Anaheim High School District's centennial year.

At a ceremony Thursday, a time capsule was buried at Centennial Walkway in front of Anaheim High School.

District officials, students, teachers and graduates attended, among them Anaheim Mayor Tom Daly, an alumnus of the school. Daly, along with Darlene Tu'ua, student body president, and school district ambassador Juan Gonzalez, each tossed a shovelful of dirt on the capsule.

The occasion marked the culmination of the district's centennial. Over the past year, activities and events celebrated the district's role in providing education to 100 years' worth of Anaheim students.

Each of the 20 junior and senior high schools contributed items for the capsule, which is to be opened in 25 years.

Julio Pizano, 18, a senior at Gilbert East, wants everyone in the year 2023 to know that "we had a great school." As for Dale Junior High School eighth-graders Dolores Ramirez, 13, and Gina Dominguez, 14, they want students of the future to know that it was cool to wear school uniforms.

What Gonzalez, 18, hopes to find when the capsule is unsealed is that the "student pride and spirit will still be here at Anaheim High School."

And Stanley Anjan, 18, Anaheim High's student body historian, hopes that when he returns for the unearthing of the time capsule, the contents will trigger memories of his school days. "I've loved my high school years at Anaheim High," he said.

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