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Laugh Lines

Pint-Sized Punch Lines

October 16, 1998

* How do billboards talk? "Sign language." (Julie Mandel, 10, Woodland Hills, Westmark Elementary)

* Why did the witches call off the baseball game? They couldn't find the bats! (Jake Hutton, 6, Long Beach, Lowell Elementary)

* How much do a person's bones weigh? A skele-ton. (Molly Yoder, 5, San Clemente, Concordia Elementary)

* Why did "chickee baby" cross the road? To go to the Forum and broadcast the Laker game. (Fay Russell, 5, Los Angeles, Tawkis Preschool)

* Why did the little boy complain about the meat on his hot dog sandwich? It was a hollow weenie. (Davey Wallace, 6, Los Angeles, Bobbie Preschool)

* What is yellow and blue? A little chick in blue jeans. (Michelle Espinoza, 8, Norwalk, Chavez Elementary School)

* KIDS, GOT A JOKE? Send it to Pint-Sized Punch Lines by fax, (213) 237-0732, or mail, Life & Style, Los Angeles Times, Times Mirror Square, Los Angeles, CA 90053. Clearly print (or type) your full name, age, hometown, school and home phone number.

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