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Music, TV Give Kids Their Costume Cues


A very small survey of SoCal kids tells us that some of the scariest Halloween get-ups will be patterned on what real-life rockers wear (think Spice Girls), and that TV toons have spawned another kind of creepy-crawly costume too (Rugrats, anyone?).

Here are the kids' comments on what they'll wear and what treats they hope to get on Fright Night.

Amanda Bynes, 12, Ventura, an actress on Nickelodeon's "All That" and "Figure It Out"

* Costume: "I'm gonna dress up as a rock star. Have you heard of that new hair mascara? It's red, green and black. I'm gonna put it in my hair, and like crimp my hair and get it frizzy and make it like a rock person's. I want those shiny thigh-high boots, and, like, a gold rock-star outfit with black shiny jacket. And maybe an inflatable guitar. That'd be cool."

* Treats: "I like Skittles the most. It's my all-time favorite. The original bag is the red. There's also lemon, cherry, orange, lime and some tropicals, like banana and strawberry twist. Another favorite is Butterfinger bars and Junior Mints. One time I went to this house and they were giving out giant, jumbo sizes of Skittles. We wanted to change outfits quick and come back to get more."

Zachary Celaya, 4, Whittier

* Costume: "I'm gonna be a pumpkin."

* Treats: "Candy and cool stuff--pumpkin stuff."

Jessica Brown, 9, La Crescenta

* Costume: "Me and four friends are going to be the Spice Girls. I'm going to be Ginger. My friends Jamie, Danielle, Alice and Riley will be the others. I want a kind of bodysuit with the English flag somewhere on it and some gigantic platforms."

* Treats: "Whatever they give me I usually like."

Ryan Brown, 7, La Crescenta, Jessica's brother

* Costume: "I'm gonna be a Rugrat. The one called Tommy. And I'm gonna crawl down the street holding a baby bottle filled with milk."

* Treats: "I like to get Hershey Bars. I hate to get anything sour."

Jake Leboy, 6, Venice

* Costume: "I'm not sure which Batman costume I'll wear. I have three Batman costumes. Batman is my favorite."

* Treats: "That's the hardest question. Don't ask what I like best. All the candies are my favorites, all the chocolates, all the sweets. Actually the best thing would be to get $100 or $1 million and candy."

Robert Ri'chard, 15, Baldwin Hills, an actor on Nickelodeon's "Cousin Skeeter"

* Costume: "I want to be a Ninja this year. Last year I was Jason, with the mask and black trench coat and the plastic knife with blood on it."

* Treats: "What's great is Jolly Rancher, in fruit-punch flavor. And either Snickers or Baby Ruth. The best thing I ever got was this big, humongous Blow Pop with bubble gum in the middle. It took me two days to finish."

Sophia Alan, 7, West Los Angeles

* Costume: "I'm going to be Dracula's bride. I'll wear like a black thing with fake, long fingernails, a ribbon in my hair, lipstick and maybe a little eye shadow."

* Treats: "My favorite thing to get is candy corn."

Lily Alan, 5, West Los Angeles, Sophia's sister

* Costume: "I'm going to be Dorothy in 'The Wizard of Oz.' I'm going to have a basket with a Beanie Baby dog in it."

* Treats: "Any kind of candy . . . like candy corn."

Jake Miller, 7, San Clemente

* Costume: "I'm gonna be an alien."

* Treats: "Mega Sourheads."

Mali Cook, 9, Dana Point

* Costume:"I'll be a Spice Girl, but I'm not sure which one."

* Treats: "Baby Ruths are what I like."

Hagen and Emily Deremo, 2, San Juan Capistrano, are twins who'll turn 3 on Halloween

* Costumes: Hagen will be Simba, of "Lion King" fame. Emily will be "a black kitty."

* Treats: He likes "brown treats"; she favors jellybeans.

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