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Chris Dufresne's Top 25

October 16, 1998|CHRIS DUFRESNE

1. Ohio State (5-0): Anyone up for launching a "Joe Germaine for Heisman" campaign?

2. UCLA (4-0): Days after ripping McNown, Daily Bruin posits, "John Wooden: Great Coach or Just Lucky?"

3. Tennessee (5-0): Fact UCLA fans don't want to know: Tennessee is 30-1 in November in the '90s.

4. Florida State (5-1): What a country: One minute Bowden is dumbfounded by team, the next he's back in title chase.

5. Florida (5-1): Nothing like a broken collarbone to settle a quarterback dispute.

6. Texas A&M (5-1): The moral: Never let a forfeit get in the way of a great season.

7. Nebraska (5-1): After winning only 69 of its last 73 games, priest summoned to give last rites.

8. Kansas State (5-0): Sixteen points against Colorado. Whoop-de-do. What, you want us to throw a parade?

9. Wisconsin (6-0): Highest AP ranking since post-UCLA ticket-scalping Rose Bowl victory in 1994.

10. Oregon (5-0): Hasn't been this much interest in region since Lewis and Clark carved names in a tree.

11. Virginia (5-0): Ranked 10th nationally in defense, but the only number that counts is Nov. 7 at Florida State.

12. Penn State (4-1): Just once, Rankman would like to see Paterno run it up on somebody.

13. Virginia Tech (5-0): Much-needed open dates (Temple and Alabama Birmingham) before Halloween treat versus West Virginia.

14. Georgia (4-1): Rankman went to Athens to see these guys; wished he went to Greece.

15. Arizona (5-1): Memo to ASU: Yeah, we lost to UCLA, but at least our stadium had power.

16. Notre Dame (4-1): Jan. 1, Pasadena: "And here, June, comes the Notre Dame float? Isn't it beautiful?"

17. Colorado (5-1): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11--Rick, that's how many players you get on the punt return team.

18. West Virginia (4-1): Amos Zereoue sitting out Temple win was just coincidence. Yeah, right.

19. Arkansas (5-0): Razorbacks decline Clinton offer to stump for school's hotly contested SEC race.

20. Tulane (4-0): Looking past Louisville to Oct. 24 game-for-the-ages at Rutgers.

21. Syracuse (3-2): Already looking ahead to schools it will choke against next season.

22. Texas Tech (6-0): Pretty dad-gum good for a team on probation, don't ya think?

23. California (4-1): This program has always been about defense, defense, defense.

24. USC (4-2): Remain in poll for personal, sentimental reasons.

25. LSU (3-2): And you thought Florida could pass . . . here comes Tim Couch.

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