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Pigskin Prophecies

October 16, 1998

The transmission between my vision and the typesetter experienced what we will call technical difficulties, resulting in a flawed version of the Prophet's picks being published in Thursday's editions. (Mortals! You can't live with 'em, you can't put out a newspaper without 'em.) By this time, you already know who got the jump in the selections this week. My worthy opponent, Marmonte League "expert" Steve Henson, went with his alma mater, Newbury Park, against Westlake on Thursday night. The Prophet predicted Westlake would remain undefeated. With the rest of the picks, we'll try it again.


Season totals for The Prophet: 49 of 75 (65%), 81 points


Season totals for the guests: 47 of 75 (63%), 71 points

Top Games (each 3 points)

Kennedy at Taft

THE PROPHET SAYS: Since Northwest Valley Conference play started, Kennedy has been new and improved. But the Golden Cougars would need to step up several notches in order to beat Taft, which has two shutouts in three games. Taft, 28-14.

HENSON SAYS: Taft's improved lights will help Kennedy's potent passing attack, but Toreador tailback Marquis Brignac will light up the scoreboard. Taft, 27-21.

Palmdale at Lancaster

THE PROPHET SAYS: Any school that schedules a homecoming even though it doesn't have any alumni has my respect. Why, I don't know. Maybe it's that stingy Lancaster defense. Lancaster, 27-10.

HENSON SAYS: Lancaster, a whippersnapper in its second season of varsity football, will inflict growing pains on old man Palmdale, a charter member of the Golden League. Lancaster, 28-14.

Royal at Moorpark

THE PROPHET SAYS: Royal showed a pulse against Westlake last week, slowing the Warriors' vaunted passing game. Moorpark is undefeated and has a Ventura County-record 18-game winning streak dating to its Division X championship run last season. Snap out of it Dorothy, you're not in Division X anymore. Upset special: Royal, 14-13.

HENSON SAYS: Moorpark, which has outscored opponents, 176-58, with more Art (Garcia and Lopez) than science, will reload the muskets and defeat a team with a losing record for the sixth time, causing a disbelieving Prophet to break down crying (Prophet-tearing?). Moorpark, 17-15.

The Rest (1 point each)

Granada Hills at San Fernando: The Prophet: No John Elway, Anthony Davis or Charles White in the latest installment of this storied rivalry, but a good game anyway. Granada Hills, 20-13. Henson: Granada Hills, 38-24.

Van Nuys at Canoga Park: The Prophet: Anyone who thinks the Wolves aren't for real is barking up the wrong tree. Van Nuys, 14-12. Henson: Van Nuys, 21-17.

Monroe at Reseda: The Prophet: Reseda has been shut out twice--but that was with quarterback Skyler McKnight injured. He's back and so are the Regents. Reseda, 21-14. Henson: Reseda, 30-10.

Harvard-Westlake at Notre Dame: The Prophet: The easiest choice between undefeated teams so far this season. The Wolverines are improved--but not this improved. Notre Dame, 28-14. Henson: Notre Dame, 38-17.

Burroughs vs. Valencia at College of the Canyons: The Prophet: Burroughs has an impressive passing attack, Valencia a dominant ground game and better balance. Pappa always said, "If you can't run, you'd better hide." Valencia, 28-22. Henson: Valencia, 33-28.

Rio Mesa at Hueneme: The Prophet: Hueneme won't get its third consecutive shutout but Keary Colbert will haul in yet another long scoring pass. Hueneme, 41-21. Henson: Hueneme, 41-31.

Santa Paula at Fillmore: The Prophet: This is the oldest rivalry in Ventura County, dating to . . . a heckuva long time ago. I never thought I'd side with a coach named Hoppy, but: Santa Paula, 12-7. Henson: Fillmore, 7-6.

Oxnard at Camarillo: The Prophet: Camarillo has won three in a row against foes similar to what the Scorpions will see Friday. Camarillo, 30-27. Henson: Camarillo, 24-21.

Crespi at Serra: The Prophet: If I had the power to determine which Serra team would show up on a given week, I'd be playing in Vegas instead of writing a newspaper column. Crespi, 14-10. Henson: Crespi, 14-12.

Chaminade at St. Francis: The Prophet: If St. Francis scores on a fumblerooski, it wins. Here's saying it won't. Chaminade, 22-17. Henson: Chaminade, 22-20.

Loyola at Alemany: The Prophet: Maybe Loyola will come in overconfident after defeating Hart last week. Maybe it won't matter. Loyola, 28-7. Henson: Loyola, 28-20.

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