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Organization Endorses 2 Local Bond Measures

October 18, 1998|JOSE CARDENAS

The board of the United Chambers of Commerce of the San Fernando Valley voted in its last monthly meeting to endorse two Los Angeles bond measures that would benefit the municipal zoo and libraries, officials said.

In statewide issues, the organization--which claims a membership of 23 associated chambers--endorsed a constitutional amendment for revenue-sharing but voted against two educational measures, said president Bob Meyler.

The local and state issues will be on the Nov. 3 ballot.

On Los Angeles city issues, the United Chambers voted to support Proposition CC and DD--bonds that would benefit the Los Angeles Zoo and the city library system respectively, Meyler said. Six other local issues were not addressed by the board.

The statewide bond issue supported by the organization is Proposition 11--known as the tax revenue sharing constitutional amendment. If passed, the measure would allow neighboring municipalities to negotiate revenue-sharing agreements subject to voter-approval in both cities.

But the organization voted to oppose Proposition 1A--the $9-billion kindergarten and university bond--despite lobbying by Cal State Northridge President Blenda Wilson to endorse it, Meyler said.

"We agree with Dr. Wilson's desire to bring school facilities up to today's standards but there is an abiding distrust of the education establishment following recent financial experiences with the Los Angeles Unified School District," Meyler said.

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