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Go Pho It!

Discovering Little Saigon

October 22, 1998

In the heart of Orange County, along the popular Bolsa Avenue strip, most signs are only printed in Vietnamese, and almost all of the 200,000 Vietnamese residents come together to share in their community.

Calendar Live! discovers what is popularly called Little Saigon and takes a culinary tour of Vietnamese restaurants and Pho noodle shops that are serving food the way they did in the Old Country far across the Pacific.

Don't Cramp Their Style

Even though the Cramps have watched their musical hybrid of punk rock, garage and rockabilly fall in and out of style, they remain undeterred in delivering their signature sound. Check in on the group with Calendar Live!

Great Pumpkin

Halloween is only a week away, so if you haven't picked your perfect pumpkin yet, Calendar Live! shows you where to go.

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