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Gates, Steiner Decry Sullivan's Jab at Silva in Campaign Mailer

October 22, 1998|JASON KANDEL

Orange County Sheriff Brad Gates and Supervisor William G. Steiner on Wednesday rallied behind Supervisor Jim Silva, rejecting allegations by Silva's opponent that the supervisor doesn't support Megan's Law.

Gates and Steiner criticized Silva's opponent, Huntington Beach Councilman Dave Sullivan, for accusing Silva of opposing police efforts to monitor sex offenders.

"In all my 24 years in the department, I've never seen these kinds of tactics," Gates said. "This is political trashing. This crosses the line."

Added Steiner: "This is an assault on [Silva's] core values. He's a family man. He's the ally to law enforcement."

Sullivan's mailer states in large, bold letters: "Jim Silva opposed aggressive monitoring and warning about sex offenders. Is this the kind of person you want as a county supervisor?"

The piece takes excerpts from an Oct. 11 newspaper story quoting Silva as saying the Sheriff's Department is doing an excellent job of tracking sex offenders and that the Board of Supervisors did not need to get involved in monitoring the offenders.

Gates said Silva has always been a strong supporter of the county's efforts to crack down on sex offenders.

Sullivan stood by his mailer Wednesday, saying Silva "claims to have a strong anti-crime record, but when asked to step up to the plate, he declined."

Silva said the mailer speaks volumes about Sullivan.

"I am disappointed the Sullivan campaign has decided to take the low road," Silva said. "I am disappointed the tenor of the campaign has been lowered to this level. It isn't fair to the voters of the 2nd District."

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