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Laugh Lines

Pint-Sized Punch Lines

October 22, 1998

What did Santa say when he went golfing? I got a ho-ho-hole in one. (Julian Aberara, 8, Norwalk, Chavez Elementary)

* What do flowers drink? Root-beer. (Caleb Crites, 7, Santa Clarita, James Foster Elementary)

* What do you call it when you have a carnival inside a barn? A barnival. (Stacy Houser, 6, Torrance, Riviera Elementary)

* What did the roast beef say to the pig when he had a gun? "Hams up!" (William Michael Stark, 6, Paradise, Utah, Lincoln Elementary)

* Why are graveyards popular places? Because people are dying to get in. (Chris Grimmett, 6, San Gabriel, St. Mark's School)

* Why are elephants gray, wrinkly and giant? Because if they were yellow, small and had feathers, they would be canaries. (Michael Mazzeralla, 8, Pacific Palisades, Calvary Christian School)

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