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*** 1/2 "Corey Cerovsek Plays Wieniawski." Corey Cerovsek, violin; Katja Cerovsek, piano. (Delos)

October 25, 1998|Chris Pasles

Corey Cerovsek is a former Canadian Wunderkind, heard locally for several years as both a promising violinist and pianist. (He was seen playing violin on the "Tonight Show" when he was 14.) This disc, recorded last year when he was 25, gives good reason to cheer his evolution and maturing to date.

A student of Josef Gingold, to whom the disc is dedicated, Cerovsek plays with sunny, golden tone, with warmth and vibrancy, and with personality. He embodies a welcome interpretive approach that puts sincerity and sweetness above ego-driven bravura.

The music mines no great depths, but it has spirit, taste, charm and, of course, abundant virtuosic challenges that Cerovsek meets with apparent ease.

His sister, Katja, provides strong but undistinguished accompaniment.


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