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Pint-sized Punch Lines

October 25, 1998

* Why was the cereal bowl wearing a cape? Because it was the Super Bowl. (Morgan Markarian, 5, Los Angeles, St. Paul the Apostle School)

* Why did the orphan chickens cross the road? To find the Foster homes. (Pedro Putz, 7, Los Angeles, Chader Elementary)

* Why did the banana go to the hospital? Because it wasn't peeling well. (Elizabeth Schofield, 6, Torrance, Hickory Elementary)

* What do you call a skeleton when he's not working? Lazybones. (Natalie Meza, 9, Los Angeles, Grant Elementary)

* Why should you drive a Mercedes slowly around a corner? Because a Mercedes Benz. (Mugzie Gardner, 6, Beverly Hills, Marinette Day School)

* When do you know geese are afraid? When they have goose bumps. (Erik Orellano, 10, Los Angeles, Euclid Avenue Elementary)

* What happened when the ghost of Christmas came out on Halloween? He made a boo-boo. (Brooke Dettman, 4, Orange, Marty Preschool)

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