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President Clinton

October 25, 1998

* Re "Military Warns Soldiers Not to Criticize Clinton," Oct. 20:

The military's opinion of the president should come as no surprise to his supporters. In his six years, he has done little to overcome his reputation as a person who holds the very function of the military with contempt. He has sent our soldiers to every corner of the globe while cutting military funding. His administration has prosecuted soldiers for failing to live up to the very standards that he himself disregards.

In light of this, when our soldiers read that that the president engaged in oral sex while discussing the deployment of troops in Bosnia, how do you expect them to feel?


Los Angeles

* Thank you for "In Tough Times, Clinton Draws on Mother's Gift" (Oct. 19), about who "the man" really is. It is now time for everyone to acknowledge Clinton as the truly great president he is. He is caring and giving on behalf of all Americans, has worked and does work harder than any president before him. It is time for all of us to forgive and forget what he does in his private life for relaxation.

For President Clinton to resign or be impeached would be the greatest tragedy of our times. What a waste of genius.


Laguna Hills

* Kudos to Elizabeth Shogren for her outstanding piece on all the virtues President Clinton's mother passed down to him. But just one nagging question: Who gets the credit for teaching him to lie through his teeth (till the last dog dies)?


Pacific Palisades

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