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Morocco Views

October 25, 1998

Regarding "On the Road Through Morocco, Family Style" (Oct. 4):

I am a native of Morocco, an ethnologist and a television producer who has recently completed a series of 11 programs on my native country.

I found your account just as unreal as other travel accounts of the last half a century, concentrating on the mecca of tourism, Marrakech, with the well-known Djemaa el-Fna (Place of the Dead) and its snake charmers, camels and guides dressed as Blue Men of the desert. In general, it was a stereotypical review of what charms Morocco holds.

What I found most offensive is the idea that one starts visiting Morocco with Marrakech and with a stay at La Mamounia, with its outrageous prices aimed at the unknowing traveler. The souks of Marrakech, the camel rides and the rest are no longer mysteries to the traveler of the '90s. They are old stuff.


Studio City

I was invited to the Dar Marjana restaurant in Marrakech, mentioned in your article. It was spectacular. My dinner companions were French acquaintances who were attending the same conference I was. There's nothing better than to dine in an exotic location speaking in the language of love, even if the conversations centered on business.

Adding to the evening was a perfect full moon hovering over the courtyard of the restaurant, the tinkling of the fountains and the perfume from the orange and lemon trees. Thanks for reminding me of that wonderful night.



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