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Laugh Lines

Pint-Sized Punch Lines

October 26, 1998

What do ghosts like to play with at a birthday party? Boo-loons. (Karmyn McKnight, 5, Mission Viejo, Barcelona Hills Elementary)

* Why are frogs always happy? Because they eat what bugs them. (Kailey Gabourel, 7, Los Angeles, Normandie Avenue Elementary)

* What kind of greeting do you say to an angel? Halo. (Brian Bellio, 9, Mission Hills, De La Salle Grammar School)

* What do you call playground equipment? Recess Pieces. (Kristy O'Neal and Cassie Richard, both 9, Sun City, Ridgemoor Elementary)

* What does a chicken do after she puts on her shoes? Buc-buc-buckles them. (Sydney Shatsky, 5, Sherman Oaks, Roscomare Road School)

* A girl put a pea in each nostril and a carrot in each ear. The doctor said "You're not eating right." (Noah Broder, 7, Beverly Hills, Horace Mann Elementary)

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