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Bowden Explains Sudden Resignation

October 27, 1998| Associated Press

Former Auburn coach Terry Bowden says Athletic Director David Housel told him there was "virtually no way" he could save his job as coach, prompting his resignation.

Bowden, in a story Monday in The Birmingham News, said he had no choice but to quit, even though Housel urged him to stay on through the end of the season.

"I was going to wait as long as I could to see if maybe my athletic director or president could work something out," Bowden said.

"They knew we were in dire straits, they knew saying, 'We want you to stay' is not the same thing as 'We think there is a way you can stay after the season.' And that is what I was facing."

Housel has denied that Bowden was forced out.

Bowden's resignation was announced Friday, on the eve of a game against Louisiana Tech.

"I felt like I left honorably," Bowden said.

Bowden, 47-17-1 at Auburn, came under increasing criticism this season as the Tigers slipped to a 1-5 record.

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