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Boo Bags

October 28, 1998|TRACY CROWE+McGONIGLE

Here is a quick idea for Halloween party bags, each with its own ghost. You make see-through ghosts by cutting two pieces of rice paper and gluing one onto each side of a clear cellophane bag.

It's fun to vary the ghosts so that no two are the same. But if that's not your style, draw one ghost and make a stencil from it to trace the rest of your spook troop.

I used a half-pound cellophane bag and found it to be a good size for trick-or-treaters. You don't want your kids to get too much candy! If you want to make large bags for Halloween gifts, you can find clear cellophane bags in sizes ranging from a quarter of a pound to three pounds at cake decorating stores, such as Gloria's Cake & Candy Supplies, 3755 Sawtelle Blvd. in Mar Vista, (310) 391-4557. X-acto knives and spray adhesive are available at hobby shops and artists' supply stores.

To make 12 bags you will need:

12 clear cellophane bags

1 large sheet of rice paper



X-acto knife

Spray adhesive

Your choice of candies

Place rice paper on top of 1 cellophane bag and draw a ghost of a suitable size for the bag. Then draw 23 more ghosts of the same size on the rice paper.

Cut out ghost shapes with scissors. Using an X-acto knife, cut out 3 small holes for the eyes and mouth.

Spray a thin coat of spray adhesive on one side of each ghost. Place 1 ghost, glue side down, on each side of cellophane bag.

Fill with candy and tie with string.

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