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Targets of SEC Internet Probe

October 29, 1998| From Associated Press

Here are the people and companies charged by the Securities and Exchange Commission with failing to fully disclose payments they received from companies whose stocks they promoted on the Internet. The first group settled the cases, neither admitting nor denying wrongdoing. The second group of cases are pending.

Settled Cases

* John D. Attalienti and Barrow Street Research.

* Donald A. Baillargeon (Emerging Company Report), Los Angeles.

* Everett Gust and High Growth Publishing Group (Portfolio Prospects and High Growth newsletters), Costa Mesa.

* IBJ Publications (IBJ Observer newsletter).

* Russell Klein (Russ Reports newsletter).

* Joshua Levine and Core Communications Group (Next Wave Stocks Web site).

* Jack Marks and Starwood Media Group (Stockline Web site).

* Eugene B. Martineau.

* Skip Nordstrom and National Investors Council (Portfolio Picks newsletter), Newport Beach.

* Darin Spencer Ruebel (Equity Journal newsletter).

* John Wesley Savage and Princeton Research Inc.

* Francis Tribble and Sloane Fitzgerald Inc., Los Angeles.

* David A. Wood Jr. and ICS Communications.

Pending Cases

* Anita Carlisle (Carlisle Communications); J. Scott Sitra (Sitra Enterprises Inc.); JAFLC Capital Management Ltd.; and Jeffrey Brommer (Investments 101 Ltd).

* The Future Superstock Inc. and Jeffrey C. Bruss (The Future Superstock newsletter).

* Global Information Services, doing business as Investment Hotlines, and James E. Grady (Investment Hotlines Online).

* Liberty Capital Group Inc. and Jason A. Greig (Jay Greig's Liberty Letter).

* George Schlieben (Global Penny Stocks newsletter).

* Inc. and Steven A. King.

* Maynard Matt Smith.

* Edward B. Taxin and Taxin Network (radio infomercial show, "The Financial Hour," and Internet Web site,

* TKO International Inc. and Leonard A. Turano.

* Brian M. Volmer, John R. Switzer (International Alliance Trading Inc.) and Sun Pacific Capital Group Inc. (Web site is Investors Edge), Los Angeles.

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