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They Would Rather Have Hairy Guys Who Win

October 31, 1998

Why is it that every time some military-type manager institutes a dress code, it always means no facial hair? Why doesn't anyone ever demand all beards, instead of no beards? Does new Dodger Manager Dave Johnson actually have some evidence that batting averages are inversely proportional to beard weight? Or is he simply one more power freak who thinks everyone should look like him?

The Dodgers should have hired Davey Lopes, but frankly, 40 years after my first trip to the Coliseum, I don't care anymore.



I am not sure which allegory to use--Delilah cutting Samson's hair, or Lincoln suggesting they send some bottles of whatever Grant was drinking to his other generals. If not wearing jewelry, beards or jeans makes for a winning team, then IBM employees would be winning the World Series.

WERNER HAAS, West Hollywood


Ross Newhan [Oct. 24] informs us that "[The Dodgers] still do not have . . . a clear-cut left fielder, center fielder or third baseman." He neglects to mention that they have a catcher who cannot hit, a first baseman who cannot run, a shortstop who cannot field and a second baseman who is on the disabled list a significant portion of the time. But, not to worry. They do have two good right fielders.

JACK PETERSON, Santa Barbara


I read the letters to the editor. I know there's a moron for every point of view. So here's mine: Mr. Malone, in your quest to impress the well-dressed Fox executives, please don't forget the longtime Dodger fan.

Last year was pretty traumatic for us, and the remedy isn't simply a "winning team." It's a team we can be proud of. You could go out and hire the Yankees, shave off their goatees and call them the Dodgers. You might even win the World Series.

But I wouldn't care about that team. For God's sake, keep Karros and Martinez. While you're at it, bring back Amalfitano, Scioscia and Mark Cresse. By all means, ship Bonilla. For that matter, ship all the bozos we picked up last year. But I'd rather watch Eric Karros bat left-handed than be asked to cheer for yet another new player.

KEVIN MILLS, Playa del Rey


Does loyalty mean nothing these days? I read today of Mo Vaughn becoming a free agent, and so now, of course, rumors of Eric Karros being on the trading block are again in vogue.

Please . . . Rupert, Kevin, Davey . . . have a little heart.

Eric Karros has been there, day in and day out, for years. He's a team player who rarely complains and routinely "goes with the flow"--an oddity for the Dodgers of the '90s.

He didn't throw a public fit when his pal, Mike Piazza, was traded. (Listening, Gary?) He doesn't have a chip on his shoulder the size of a DiamondVision screen, nor has he been arrested for drunk driving. (Listening, Raul?) Instead, upon hearing of Davey Johnson's plans to bring back the look of the "Dodgers of Old" (hooray for Davey!), Eric's response is predictable: "He's the boss. I'll play by the rules."

We need this kind of man on the team. Am I the only one out there who thinks loyalty counts?


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