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Maris' Widow Hospitalized Before Game

September 09, 1998| From Associated Press

ST. LOUIS — Roger Maris' widow was hospitalized Tuesday after developing an irregular heartbeat for the second time this week, hours before Mark McGwire broke her husband's record of 61 home runs in a season.

Patricia Maris was brought to the emergency room before Tuesday night's Chicago-St. Louis game in which McGwire hit his 62nd homer.

She was listed in satisfactory condition at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and was expected to be released today.

"She's fine, medically," hospital spokesman Todd Cooper. "But it's a little crazy out there tonight and we felt she just needed a nice quiet night."

Mrs. Maris, 62, flew to St. Louis from Gainesville, Fla., on Sunday with her four sons and two daughters to watch McGwire. She was taken to the hospital before that game when she first developed an irregular heartbeat.

"I think it's just exhaustion," Randy Maris said after his mother was hospitalized the first time.

"The last three or four months, a lot has been going on with all this attention."

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