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Rocking in the House, Talking in the Loo

Daniel Lanois and Steve Jones are making the scene, but the big news is the ladies' room at Small's.

September 10, 1998|HEIDI SIEGMUND CUDA

Man, now I know why people take vacations: to regain sanity, if only for a moment, and to re-appreciate Los Angeles. Yes, the pace is fast, and yes, if you don't take breaks, you will implode. But it's nice living in a city where you don't have to explain yourself. Viva Los Angeles! Ain't no cowpokes 'round these parts. . . .

Went to the new place known as the new Small's (at the old Dominick's on Beverly Boulevard, between San Vicente and Doheny), and we are happy to announce that not only is it a very elegant and understated dining establishment, but the women's bathroom is high art. It's pink, which many chicks'll dig (even a few guys should be jealous), and it has two toilets side by side, with no separation, so you're forced to get to know your neighbor. It's not quite "Ally McBeal," but even under such odd circumstances, it's nice to make a new person's acquaintance. The copper washbasins are equally intriguing--with two stark spigots hanging down as if you're in the Navy now. It's fun, though, and two gal loos are better than one in any drinking establishment, we always say. . . .

In with the new, but not out with the old. Hopped over to Hollywood's Bar Deluxe to catch a hot, sweaty show of Mexican punk bands and boy, oh boy, was the hot, dark bar the place to be. And just down the street, the Burgundy Room was also laying down some heat, with DJ Texas Joe kicking oodles of rockabilly flavor for the ladies. . . .

Appears the latest dance club rage is happening at the 360 club on Thursday nights. It's a new promotion called "A Quick Fix," by the hard-working deejay squad of Sean Perry and Charlie Bean and many guest deejays. . . .

'Tis the season to be a tenured rock star or producer of tenured rock stars' greatest works. Daniel Lanois performed at the Opium Den in Hollywood to kick off the new Brent Bolthouse Friday night promotion, "Payback" (a double-entendre in Tinsel Town if ever there was one), which promises to be a night of live bands and dancing. Lanois, who produced U2's landmark "Joshua Tree" album as well as the "Sling Blade" soundtrack and recently played guitar for Scott Weiland's solo project, did his thing for a crowd that included Kevin Spacey, Jared Leto and Alyssa Milano (who never seems to miss anything relevant at the Opium Den). He was joined by ex-Redd Kross drummer Victor Indrizzo, whose latest project is called Driz (the bass player is Martyn LeNoble from Porno for Pyros). . . .

Across town, in Santa Monica, former Sex Pistol Steve Jones has helped put the 8-month-old nightclub and pub St. Stephen's Green on the Hollywood map (i.e., celebs and H-wood club crawlers alike are checking out this scene). Jones, with some help from former Power Station vet Michael Des Barres, formed the Usual Suspects along with drummer Dave Raven, bassist Jamie James and guitarist Mick Rossi. Apparently, the rockin' group is getting rave reviews and fans include Gabriel Byrne, Naomi Campbell and Gene Simmons. Although the Usual Suspects was playing weekly at the Irish Pub, it's now scaled back to monthly shows (after this week's 50th birthday bash for Michael's ex-wife, Pamela Des Barres, they probably need the rest). For upcoming show info, call (310) 393-6611.

Lastly, when you're trying to crash all those parties linked to the MTV Video Music Awards tonight, remember, it's all about the after-party. We hear Maverick Records is having a posh sit-down dinner at Morton's and its principals are allowed to invite 50 of their closest friends (gee, that sounds like fun). The real party to crash according to our favorite scenester, Groovy Greg, is Marilyn Manson's post-show bash, which may very well be at the Union in West Hollywood. And don't forget, when you're standing in that long huddle, yo, MTV raps!

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