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My Favorite Weekend

September 17, 1998|BOOTH MOORE

Author Dennis Hensley will read from his book "Misadventures in the (213)" Friday at Urban Inversion in West Hollywood and next Thursday at Brentano's in Century City.

Star-Struck: I go to the Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum a lot. It feels like you are totally away from L.A., under the stars, in the pitch-black. There's also a sense of the place being family-

owned and operated. You can just show up, it's not a fussy credit card-requiring enterprise, and at $10 to $15, the tickets are reasonable.

Groove Thing: I take dance classes at the Dance Center in North Hollywood. I used to be a dancer on cruise ships before I got into writing. Now it's just a great way to get out of bed and start your weekend shaking your groove.

Spin Doctor: I'm really into spinning, but it's all about padded pants. I take classes at Crunch Gym. There's lots of eye-candy but the staff is friendly. Everyone in there has had an "under five" role [a TV or movie role with less than five lines] in the past few weeks--lots of aspiring actors.

A Favorite Haunt: I adore the All-Star Theatre Cafe in the Knickerbocker Hotel. It's a 1940s speak-easy type of place with a ton of history. It's open really late, and is supposedly haunted by Rudolph Valentino. If the ghosts don't show up, the owner, Max, has lots of stories about models.

Pigging Out: If someone said, "Let's pork out and celebrate," I would go to Chevys. It's a chain so not very glamorous of me, but the tortilla machine is incredible! It's all I can do not to just kneel down in front of it and let the tortillas fall into my mouth.

For Laughs: I love watching pageants and awards shows on TV with the right people. I also live for the Battle for the Tiara at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre. It's an AIDS benefit that's a beauty pageant in drag. I also really enjoy LunaPark's Uncabaret on Sunday nights. It's alternative stand-up, so you get to see Kathy Griffin and Margaret Cho say stuff they aren't allowed to say on television. One night Griffin ripped her top off in homage to Celine Dion. Now that's a once in lifetime event!

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