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SUNDAY BRUNCH | smart aleck

September 20, 1998

The question Aug. 6: Pope John Paul II is coming out with a line of fashion accessories. Really. What other public figures should come out with a line of products?

Hairpieces by Sam Donaldson and a Monopoly game by Boris Yeltsin.

Roger Manian

Santa Monica

Michael Jordan should come out with a line of nose plugs to counterattack the effects of his cologne.

Emmanuel Rustia

Chino Hills

Bill Clinton should come out with a line of spot removers.

Gary A. Robb

Los Angeles

There should be a big market for the Bill Clinton Chastity Belt.

Dwight and Joyce Cates


I think Kenneth Starr should market Tell-on-Me Elmo dolls. Naturally, there will be a hidden tape recorder inside each one. Batteries not included.

Brian Simler


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