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New City Ordinance Outlaws Junked Cars

September 23, 1998|S.J. CAHN

Armed with a new law, police will be on the lookout for junked cars in Simi Valley.

Under an ordinance approved by the City Council on Monday, residents may no longer park vehicles on unpaved surfaces--such as front lawns--or store unused ones in public view.

The ordinance, which carries a $50 penalty, takes effect Oct. 22.

Police have received 124 complaints about such vehicles this year, said Lt. Jon Ainsworth of the department's traffic division.

"We feel that the adoption of the ordinance would allow us to move expeditiously to resolve such complaints," he said, adding that police know of one vehicle that was parked for 19 years in the same spot in public view.

Ainsworth said police are more interested in cleaning up the city than in raising additional revenue through the fine. Police are not requesting any additional funds to enforce the ordinance.

"The intent is to get things cleaned up," he said. "We're going to be reasonable."

Both police and the City Council stressed that people working on cars--work that is progressing--will be given time to finish their maintenance.

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