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The market in a frenzy, the pressure was on

September 23, 1998|DEBRA CANO

Linda de Fazio made offers on three condos before closing on one close to Dana Point harbor, thus ending a house search that had become a "horrendous experience."

When Linda, who has two teenagers, started to look for a condo, the market was in a frenzy.

"It was just awful--grueling," she said. "You couldn't get an offer in fast enough. A property would have three, four and five offers within 24 hours."

After looking at a dozen listings, Linda, 49, a legal secretary, found her 1,350-square-foot, two-story condo for about $155,000.

"If this one hadn't managed to pull through with the market the way it was, I probably wouldn't have been able to buy," she said.

Her new home, in a 25-year-old complex, has two bedrooms and a loft. She wanted a three-bedroom home but is happy with her purchase because it's close to her children's high school, her church and the ocean.

Her top priority was to live in Dana Point. "My life is here," she said.

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