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McClung, Crew Sailing Back Home

September 25, 1998|DAVID REYES

The Rapture, a 145-foot vessel skippered by Scott McClung, recently freed after being detained in Mexico on weapons charges, has left Acapulco and is tentatively scheduled for arrival in Newport Beach on Thursday.

Plans are underway for a large welcome-home celebration for McClung and his crew by supporters and shipowners from other charter services, organizers said.

McClung, 36, was arrested Aug. 10 with his father, Eugene McClung, and shipmate, Noah Bailey, in Cozumel, a resort island off Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. Passports for the rest of the nine-member crew were seized and the vessel prevented from leaving Cozumel.

McClung's father and Bailey were released after nine days. Crew members' passports were returned and the ship was allowed to leave Cozumel without Scott McClung, who had been detained and charged with violating Mexico's strict weapons laws.

Once in custody, McClung collapsed at a hearing and was taken to a private medical clinic. He was confined to his clinic room until a federal judge ordered him released last Friday.

William Bollard, McClung's attorney in Irvine, said McClung's health has improved after he left Cozumel feeling ill.

"Scott said that being back aboard the Rapture is like home," Bollard said. "They intend to do about 13 knots and do have a big storm in front of them, but they should be OK."

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