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SAT and ACT Scores, Graduation Rates Rise Steadily at High School

September 26, 1998|HARRISON SHEPPARD

Students at Los Alamitos High School have improved their test scores, graduation rates and several other measures of academic achievement over the past several years, officials said this week.

The school ranked ninth out of 58 Orange County high schools last year in percentage of students achieving the national average or better on the SAT and ACT exams, according to figures from the state Department of Education.

And almost 47% of campus students scored the national average of 1,000 or better on their SATs, placing the school in the 92nd percentile of the state and reflecting a growth of 7.7% over the last nine years, according to figures released by Assistant Supt. Carol Hart.

"I'm happy we're on a positive growth trend," Hart said. "On the other hand, I want to always see it improve. It's an endless job."

Also, of the students who started at the high school in the ninth grade, 99% graduated, placing the district in the top 85% of the state and reflecting a 4% growth in the last five years, according to the figures.

Amid the many positive figures, Hart released one negative: The average combined SAT score of Los Alamitos High School seniors declined in 1998 to 1,065, from 1,076 last year and 1,101 in 1995.

But Hart said the decline was small and not necessarily worrisome unless the trend continues. She also noted that almost 100 more students took the test this year, possibly contributing to the decline.

A more accurate indicator, she said, was the number of students who scored at the SAT's national average of 1,000 or better.

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