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smart aleck

September 27, 1998

The Sept. 13 question: Hurricane season is here, and while Earl and Bonnie are perfectly fine names, they're so, well, tame. Give us your suggestions for hurricane names and why.

Wendy. Isn't it obvious?

Terry Dunseith

Phillips Ranch

FrankenStern. A monster storm--full of wind.

Brian Simler


The most obvious name for a hurricane is Monica. She has caused more devastation to this country than any hurricane in history.

Pamela Born


Hillary. When she gets through with Bill, he's going to wish that he'd been in one.

Sharon Karp

Los Angeles

When speaking of taking America by storm, there have never been any heavier hitters than Sammy and Mac.

Brenda and Michael Tzipori


Oprah. First she's a category 1, then a 4, then a 2. Who knows how big she'll get!

Patrick Moran

Dana Point

I believe the names should show violence or enormity of the storms: Brutal, Colossal, Gigantic, Humdinger, Immense, Monstrous, Rage, Savage, Titanic, Vicious, Whopper and Wild.

Elliot T. Pilchard

Port Hueneme

Orson. What mightier 'cane than Kane?

Janey Milstead

Silver Lake

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