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'Moment' Has No Momentum


Don't try this at home.

On the assumption that there's an audience for everything, here comes ABC's game show "The Big Moment," a laborious new prime-time hour from the producers of "America's Funniest Home Videos."

Based on a Japanese series, it awards $25,000 in cash and prizes to contestants who successfully perform various tasks assigned to them by the show. They videotape their week of practice, then are interviewed by host Brad Sherwood before performing their new skills in front of a studio audience.

Talk about your suspense.

On the premiere, a woman tries to teach an untrained dog five tricks, a college coed attempts to spin 10 plates on poles simultaneously for 20 seconds, a man tries riding a unicycle through an obstacle course and another man is asked to memorize pi to the 100th decimal point.

The biggest moment of all is when the show ends.

* "The Big Moment" premieres tonight at 8 on ABC. The network has rated it TV-G (suitable for all ages).

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