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John Wayne Bobbitt Flees Theft Charges


RENO, Nev. — There were 700 people at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch for John Wayne Bobbitt's 32nd birthday party, but Bobbitt was a no-show, and his boss at the brothel thinks Bobbitt has jumped bail.

"In the last couple weeks, he's got real stupid," Dennis Hof said on Friday.

Bobbitt faces felony theft charges in Fallon and is free on $10,000 bail put up by Hof.

"He's gone. I want my $10,000 and I want him back here in cuffs," Hof said.

Bobbitt, who gained notoriety in 1993 when his penis was severed by his wife and successfully reattached, was in his second incarnation as a bartender and guest greeter at the brothel in Mound House.

The community just east of Carson City is in Lyon County, where prostitution is legal.

He was fired a year ago because he wouldn't leave the girls alone, but was allowed to come back if he promised to shape up.

Hof said Bobbitt was in Churchill District Court last week for a hearing on the theft charge and apparently realized he was looking at the likelihood of prison time.

"I assume that appearance is what made him take off," he said.

When Bobbitt missed the party, Hof said he called his house and a brother answered and said Bobbitt had gone to Niagara Falls, N.Y. That would be a violation of bail conditions that required him to stay in Nevada.

"A couple hours later two bounty hunters showed up looking for him. Then the cops came," Hof said.

He said Bobbitt began drinking heavily after St. Patrick's Day and either didn't show up for work or was sent home because he arrived drunk.

That also was about the time Hof decided Bobbitt could be guilty and might be skipping town.

In addition to fleeing, Bobbitt took one of the prostitutes with him.

"It's like dumb and dumber," Hof said. "Our agreement was he doesn't leave the Reno-Carson City-Fallon area, he doesn't drink and he doesn't sleep with any of the girls. Well, he's done all three."

Bobbitt was arrested in connection with the 1997 theft of about $150,000 worth of clothing from a now-defunct store in Fallon. While he's not charged with the theft, he's accused of receiving some of the clothing.

Two other people charged in the thefts from The Hub, Brett and Charity Biro, were arrested in October in Niagara Falls, where they allegedly were caught selling clothing in a parking lot that matched items taken from the Fallon store.

Bobbitt's attorney, William Cole of Stateline, told the Nevada Appeal on Thursday he expects his client to return for his next court date.

Bobbitt is a former Marine.

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