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Better Late Than Never

April 04, 1999|CONNIE KOENENN

Before you head out the door this morning, take another look at the clock.

Did you remember to set it forward one hour last night? If not, you're late.

Daylight saving time started at 2 a.m. today, stealing an hour from our lives that won't be returned until October.

Thanks to this annual rite of spring, people all over town are showing up late today for everything from Easter sunrise services to brunch at Hugo's. Keeping in mind that life is hard enough without these little glitches, the Emerson Radio Corp. has introduced a new SmartSet AM/FM clock radio that takes care of itself. Plug it in, and it displays the correct time, day of week, date and month.

It automatically adjusts for daylight saving/standard time and leap year.

The company says that a lithium battery maintains time, date and alarm settings during a power failure.

The clock is programmed to the year 2096, says Marino Andriani, president of Emerson Radio Consumer Products Corp.

Suggested retail price is $39.99.

Information: (800) 898-9020.

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