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Alcohol Awareness

April 05, 1999

Thursday is National Alcohol Screening Day. (For more information, see story on page S3.) Here are some numbers about alcohol problems:

* About half of U.S. adults have or have had a close relative with a drinking problem.

* Alcohol problems cost society an estimated $167 billion annually.

* More than 20% of college drinkers drink on more than 10 occasions each month.

* Two to three times as many teenagers and young adults die in alcohol-related crashes as from illegal drug use.

* In a University of Michigan survey, 33% of high school students reported being drunk at least once in the prior 30 days.

* More than one-third of high-school seniors perceive no great risk in consuming four to five drinks a day.

Sources: The National Mental Illness Screening Project, University of Michigan

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