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City Sites With That Star Quality

April 06, 1999

Question from March 31:

What places in the city should be renamed and remodeled?

I would certainly redesign Angels Flight to include a Sunday-only "Touched by an Angel" ride that would include down pillows, in cold weather, and a down comforter. The ride, of course, would have flapping wings to give the appearance of a celestial ascent, with choirs singing at the bottom and top of the ride.

--DON MADDOX, Tarzana

The Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson Suite at the Hollywood Sunset Motel, featuring wet and jail bars, a direct 911 phone link, and a camcorder. Or the Dennis Rodman Honeymoon Suite at the Inglewood Holiday Inn, featuring a life-size painting of Dennis as both bride and groom.


Rancho Palos Verdes

Rename the Venice boardwalk "Southern California Walk." Install high-tech lighting and fence it in. Charge admission and sell tickets for seating at boardwalk restaurants. Pay the locals union wages to perform daily, and contract Jerry Rubin to wave periodically at the tram tours [for] $20 an hour.

--JUDI KESSLER, Santa Barbara

The L.A. County coroner [should] be supplemented with a singles bar / restaurant and renamed "the Corpus Deli." Walls will have murals of Thomas Noguchi wielding a chain saw, celebrity autopsies and toe tags. Menu changed daily with John / Jane Doe specials, and what you don't eat you can take home in a complimentary mini body bag.

--WAYNE E. SCOTT, Camarillo

Question for April 6:

For its summer promotion, Jack in the Box is offering Pez dispensers in Jack's likeness (see story, this page). What real people or make-believe characters should also be commemorated with Pez?

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