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Driving Blindly and Looking for Clues


Dear Cynthia: I have this recurring dream. I am driving a car, and suddenly I lose my eyesight and keep on driving, expecting to crash at any time. I try to pull over but I cannot see anything. It is quite frightening and often I wake up with anxiety attacks. My many thanks in advance for your analysis.


Woodland Hills

Dear Reader: Recurring dreams are a nagging message from our subconscious. They urge us to determine the meaning of the dream, and take heed. Since the body is the vehicle of the mind and spirit, the car as a dream symbol may represent you on your life path. Your dream seems to indicate that as you go through your life you are not seeing something important. Have you closed your eyes to something that you find disturbing? In your dream you expect to crash. A crash is a sudden and unexpected stop or halt in your life. An example of a circumstance that could cause this dream would be that you are employed and doing fine in your career, but there are rumors of change. You don't want to know about these possible changes because they frighten you, so you choose not to see them. But the unconscious mind holds the fear. Because you have not consciously addressed the situation, it expects the crash and attempts to make you aware through your dream.

Anxiety is fear of the future and fear is often connected to the unknown. In an effort to control our life and feel safe, sometimes we choose not to acknowledge changes we sense may be coming. But denying or avoiding will not make the change go away. Looking at things truthfully and recognizing that nothing stays the same will help you adapt to the inevitable changes in your life.

You may honestly not know what the change is. In this case your mind may be preparing you in advance, so that the change will not come as a huge surprise. If the anxiety attacks continue, you may want to discuss them with your physician.


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