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Top-Drawer Dishwasher

April 10, 1999

The dishdrawer from Fisher and Paykel ($1,649 for the two-drawer model) offers a fresh take on the standard dishwasher. Unlike the typical pull-down door, the drawers pull out for ease of operation and better access to what's inside. They operate independently so you can customize the wash functions in each; for instance, set one drawer for delicate china, the other for pots and pans.

The appliance comes with black, white or stainless-steel fronts, or it can be fit with panels that match your cabinetry. You can even attach the same handles that are on your kitchen cabinets (most of the controls are on the inside drawer, so they won't get in the way of the hardware).

Each drawer uses 2.4 gallons of water per load and features a flow-through detergent dispenser that protects delicate dishes from detergent burn. A single drawer model ($850) is also available.

Fisher & Paykel,; (888) 936-7872.

Water Cleaner

An alternative to under-counter filtering systems, unattractive attachments and bottled water, the Moen PureTouch faucet ($450 to $465) provides filtered water at the push of a button.

Three different solid-carbon filter-cartridge options (designed by Culligan) address specific water-supply needs and preferences, offering varying levels of filtration.

Visual and audible indicators alert the user when the cartridge is due for replacement (typically every 200 gallons), and the device beeps if a new cartridge has been installed correctly. The easy-to-grip pullout spout comes in white, chrome and almond finishes.

Moen,; (888) 289-6636.

Seeing Into Walls

The new Zircon TriScanner ($35) may look like a stud finder, but it does a whole lot more. Besides letting you know where inner wall framing is, it also alerts you to the presence of metal pipes and ducts.

And when the TriScanner nears unshielded wiring, an AC detector tells you if wires are hot or not. The scanner can find metal up to 3 inches deep and works through concrete, drywall, plywood and most flooring.

When the unit finds its target, it lets you know with an audible alarm and indicator lights. The device is fitted with comfortable rubberized hand grips.

Zircon,; (888) 782-6539.

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