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Dodger Fans May Have Their Disneyland Passes Canceled

April 10, 1999

Hey Michael Eisner:

1) The Angels always have lost and always will lose. It's not necessarily the players or staff, it's the Angel Mystique. I love Mo as much as the next fan, but even if you suited up the AL all-star team in Angel uniforms, they would lose to any single-A team in the country.

2) Which Country Bear Jamboree animatronic robot provided you with the scouting report that concluded that the Dodgers don't compare to the Angels? It's obvious to people who actually follow the game that our pitching, outfield, and manager are far beyond yours in every category. The rest of your team would be equal to ours if only half of them weren't holed up in the Epcot Center awaiting skeletal and muscular implants.

3) "Lesser team in the market?" Now we're in the same market? The last time I checked, the Angels played in Orange County. Stay there.

Your comments are exactly what I would expect from a company that called a hockey team the Ducks, passed up on a chance to sign Mark McGwire and is currently constructing a theme park called The California Experience in the state of . . . California. Keep up the good work.


North Hollywood


Memo to Michael Eisner:

When your periwinkle-clad team stops putting on the traditional September choke and wins five World Series, we can then talk about comparisons to what you call the "lesser team" in the Los Angeles market.




Mr. Eisner, your myopic views on your Mickey Mouse organization should be cause for you to step back, buy a clue, and look at what you really have. On your opening night, the Angels drew about 39,000 compared to the Dodgers' opening-day crowd of 53,000. The Dodgers had more in attendance Saturday night playing the Yankees in 42-degree weather than you did on opening night. In 1997, you drew over 1.8 million while the Dodgers, whom you claim to be the "lesser" team, drew only just over 3.3 million. 1998 is just as "comparable" (you might want to look that word up).

Stick to having mascots of Mickey and Goofy, while the Dodgers just stick to being the lesser of the competition. Who can compete with Mickey anyway?


Newport Beach

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