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Crafting Ideas With Some Real Sticking Power

April 11, 1999|ROY RIVENBURG

Duct tape is on a roll.

In addition to a growing list of endorsements from handymen, race-car drivers and NASA (which requires a roll of the sticky silver stuff on every space flight), there are now several books devoted to the topic.

The latest is "Ductigami" (Boston Mills Press) by Joe Wilson. No, it isn't a duct tape version of origami, the Japanese art of folding paper to create flowers and animals. It's a how-to manual for making shower curtains, wallets, tool belts, pet rain gear, baseball caps, cell-phone holders, aprons and other items from the most durable material known to man.

Although Wilson is a stand-up comedian, the instructions and diagrams are serious. He even includes a brief history of the tape, and a Q&A that covers such essentials as duct tape colors, strengths and whether anyone ever considered making ductigami underwear. His answer: "Ouch."

Wilson admits his craft can be challenging but says the finished products are worth the effort.

"Part of the beauty is that if [these objects] ever wear out, they can be repaired quickly with more duct tape."

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