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Laugh Lines

April 11, 1999

Ready, Aim, Keep Aiming: The conflict in Kosovo could drag on for some time. "This is the last time we let Don King arrange a war." (Argus Hamilton)

Pump Line: The price of gas has risen more than 25 cents a gallon over the last two weeks. "In Los Angeles, mini-marts are going to offer valet parking and require a reservation." (Bob Mills)

Civic Pride: San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown is considering a proposal that would allow the homeless to take credit card donations. "Not to be outdone, in Los Angeles, Mayor Richard Riordan is considering a plan that would allow the city to charge $39.95 on pay-per-view for high-speed chases." (Andrew Wisot)

Word Up: Astronomers say that because there are numerous occurrences of blue moons, the phrase "once in a blue moon" isn't correct. "Instead, the phrase will now be 'once in a Clippers victory.' " (Rudolph J. Cecera)

In the Arena: A teenage girl is America's biggest hope to win a gold medal in Olympic weight-lifting. "She plans to attempt to set a world's record and lift, at one time, all the International Olympic Committee bribes." (Bill Williams)


Chris Pina's Essential List of the Day

Top 4 Marilyn Manson gripes:

4. Damn heels.

3. Can't achieve a softer, more natural look.

2. Knowing Courtney Love is way more macho.

1. Arriving at gala party and hostess is wearing same shoes.

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