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Al Gore's Visit

April 11, 1999

* Are there any other American taxpayers who are tired of reading that our nation's vice president, Al Gore, is back in Los Angeles raising campaign funds for his year 2000 run for the White House (April 6), following in the well-worn footsteps of his boss? Does anyone out there care that more time seems to be spent by these two clowns finding contributors than in running this country? And does it matter that the taxpayers foot the bill for every trip they make, entourages in tow, to the tune of millions annually?

I think it is a disgrace that ought to be ended. The Clinton administration has caused irreparable harm to the global standing of this country in so many ways, not the least of which is the just-revealed (but long suspected) influence-buying by the Chinese government. I am ashamed that we continue to look the other way while Bill Clinton and his cronies pillage our nation's image.


Alta Loma

* A funny thing happened on my way to the Beverly Hilton. While I was approaching the Wilshire side to join the numerous demonstrators protesting the war against Yugoslavia, I saw Gore's convoy sneak him into the hotel from the back side for his fancy $1,000-a-plate fund-raiser. Hopefully, this indignity might have some effect on the Clinton administration.

Clinton has no morals and no shame. He has no respect for the truth or for human lives, whether American, Iraqi, Balkan or any other.

However, Clinton does understand politics. If every time Clinton or Gore show up, they are greeted by antiwar protesters, perhaps they will come to realize that this criminal war may cost them the election in 2000. Then the country may be spared another Vietnam-like nightmare and we may draw back from the abyss.


Vice President, Hellenic American

Council, Los Angeles

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