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E-Mail Attacks on Female Deputies

April 11, 1999

* Re "Supervisors Seek Sexism Inquiry," April 7: The sheriff's union spokesman quoted by Supervisor Gloria Molina doesn't "get it"? The union's Web page had a "link" (Web address) to the Digital City discussion site. That's all. It wasn't the union's site and they said so with a disclaimer.

Is The Times suggesting (editorial) that free and open discussion of issues be repressed just because some of the comments made by participants aren't politically correct? Sort of like in Communist China? To be sure, the male deputies' Neanderthal opinions might not have come to light without this.

No, I think it's The Times and Molina who "just don't get it."


La Canada

* Re "Female Deputies React With Shock to E-Mail Attacks," April 6: While the misogynistic postings on the Assn. for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs Web page are disturbing, it comes as no surprise when the court mandates that 25% of department promotions to sergeant be women. Affirmative action creates workplace hostility rather than ameliorates gender inequity.

Californians clearly expressed this sentiment with the 1996 passage of Prop. 209. Rather than promoting on the basis of gender and lowering standards, Sheriff Lee Baca's department should actively recruit more women. The Sheriff's Department should not fall victim to misguided legislation that a majority of its deputies and voters oppose. A cop's job is difficult enough.



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