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On-Line Fantasy Not Usually This Wholesome

April 11, 1999|LISA DILLMAN

Pre-disabled list and dugout tumble, the Angels' Mo Vaughn was trading for $99.63 a share. The other high-priced, off-season Southern California acquisition, Dodger pitcher Kevin Brown, was at $28.36.

If you are bored simply watching baseball, there is always Wall Street Sports, the on-line fantasy site where fans can buy imaginary shares of athletes--

Of course, it's not difficult to predict the top three baseball players here. As of late last week: Ken Griffey Jr. ($175.19), Mark McGwire ($148.80) and Sammy Sosa ($130.11).

If you're looking for a steal, you can pick up Chuck Finley for $5.39.

Trivia time: Before Nick Faldo's victories in 1989 and 1990, who was the last golfer to win consecutive Masters?

Details, details: Before their recent exhibition game in Cuba, the Baltimore Orioles were being briefed by team executive Joe Foss about the trip. When Foss was finished, he opened the floor to questions. Broadcaster Mike Flanagan had only one: "You didn't mention the return trip. We are coming back, right?"

The greatest: Tom Keegan of the New York Post on Rickey Henderson's lack of modesty: "Falsely modest athletes are ridiculed for being phonies, and rightly so. But you can't have it both ways. You can't turn around and belittle a guy who is great and knows it and isn't afraid to show it. Or say it without apologizing."

Grudge match: Patty Schnyder vs. Anna Kournikova is apparently a one-sided feud. Dating to last year, Schnyder has disliked Kournikova, and her feelings have not changed.

"I hate playing her and I don't play if I'm on the court against her," said Schnyder, who lost, 6-0, 6-2, to Kournikova on Friday at Amelia Island, Fla. "It's her person and everything around her. It's not her game."

Kournikova said they have never exchanged words.

"I don't know her personally," Kournikova said. "I think she has problems at home. She doesn't look like a happy person to me, that's all."

Wise guy: Chelsea midfielder Dennis Wise may be in trouble because he bit an opponent Thursday during the European Cup Winners' Cup soccer semifinal against Real Mallorca of Spain.

As Wise and Mallorca defender Elena Marcelino fought for the ball soon after Chelsea had tied the score, Marcelino appeared to scrape his fingernails down the Chelsea midfielder's neck.

Television pictures showed Wise, who is several inches shorter than Marcelino, either biting or trying to bite the defender's upper arm.

Trivia answer: Jack Nicklaus in 1965 and 1966.

And finally: NBA analyst Bill Walton said Michael Jordan would be in a no-win situation if he returns in almost any capacity to the NBA.

"No matter what he does, people will want more from him," Walton wrote in the Sporting News. "If Jordan becomes the owner of an NBA team, people will want him to coach. If he coaches, fans will want him to play. And if he plays, they will want him to be the MVP."

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